The Top Hat Wearing Voodoo Spirit, Baron Samedi

The Top Hat Wearing Voodoo Spirit, Baron Samedi

Not the Kind of Spirit you Drink

Baron Samedi is one of the Loa or spirits in Voodoo.  He is most often seen in Haitian Vodou and Lousiana  Voodoo.  The Baron is the spirit of the dead.  He is the head of the Guédé family of Ioa.  His spirit family theme is death, resurrection and fertility.  Samedi is often associated with ancestors and magic.

Baron Samedi, I presume

The Baron is most often depicted with a top hat and a long-tailed coat.  His face is painted with a skull design or is a skull.  Sometimes Samedi is pictured with dark glasses and cotton in his nose.  He enjoys tobacco and rum.  The colors associated with him are black and purple.


Samedi digs your grave and welcomes you to the underworld when you pass away.  In simplest of context he is the Voodoo version of the grim reaper.  One of the main differences though is that Baron Samedi is worshiped.  He is not only the so called reaper, but also a giver of life.  If someone is on death's bead Samedi can cure the person's disease or wound if he feels it worth.


A veve is a religious symbol that is most often used in voodoo.  The veve acts as a beacon to call the spirit.  During the rituals a veve is drawn on the floor to call out the spirit who's help is needed.  The veve of the baron shows a cross in the center with two coffins on the side.


Baron Samedi is quite a personality.  He is explicit in almost every way.  He constantly curses and tells filthy jokes.  He spends most of the time in the invisible realm with other spirits.  Even though he is married to Maman Brigitte, he is constantly having affairs with other women.  Samedi is a master of voodou curses, black magic and hexes.  


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