DePaula The Artist

The Beginning

William started selling his art to classmates in high school and just kept going from there.  Over the years he would visit museums and constantly read and study art.  Besides traditional western arts he learned different art styles and forms from around the world.   At a young age he learned how to make jewelry, carving waxes and casting.  There was a time during college William wasn’t sure he wanted to continue to do his artwork.  He decided to pursue this career in jewelry and got his Graduate Gemology degree from GIA.  While hanging out at the FIU campus he accidentally ran into and met up with the Dalai Lama.  After sharing a meaningful glance, William realized he had to pursue his passion - to create artwork.

Bringing inspired visions to life

Art takes time to develop and William has spent thousands of hours creating his artistic vision.  Inspired by travels, nature and wildlife is where the art starts.  The art continues from there and stretches into realms of fantasy and lore, creating a vision of a mystical world that exists in short glimpses in our natural world.

Sharing his world

When talking with clients he realized that people felt left out when it comes to art.  It is William’s goal to share art with everyone and help them learn along the way.  Through his artwork he hopes to help anyone who might have felt isolated from art.  William’s collections and series help put a room together with different designs which really make a room.