Beginners Guide to Longboard Skateboarding

Beginners Guide to Longboard Skateboarding

 Starting Off Longboard Skateboarding

Longboard skateboarding has become increasingly popular with skateboarders and surfers alike.  Longboarding came about in the 1950’s and the boards were made for downhill racing or just general skateboarding.  The art of longboarding is often called surfing on concrete.  This is because the boards have large wheels and a thin board which lets riders do quick turns and carves.

First You Need a Longboard



The first thing you need when starting out is a longboard.  The majority of longboards are between 90 centimeters and 150 centimeters.  They also come in a wide variety of different shapes.  If you will be using your board for downhill racing, you will want to choose a shorter board.  Medium sized boards are more versatile. 

 Helmet and Pads

Also, if you want to do any downhill racing, besides the board, you will also want to get a helmet along with elbow and knee pads.  There are some riders that wear slide gloves.  These gloves help the rider use their hand for easier turning.

 Pintails and Flatnose

Pintails and flatnose are two different shapes of longboards.  Pintails are usually made with looser trucks and are wider in width so the rider feels more like they are surfing when they are riding.  Flatnose boards will lessen the center of gravity to allow easier turning for the rider. 

Boards that are built with what is called a camber are bent a little bit up the middle.  These types of boards are somewhat bouncy and they are not as easy to turn around corner as the flatnose boards are. 

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