Every Lost Treasure in the World can be Found in Oak Island

Every Lost Treasure in the World can be Found in Oak Island

No, Probably Not

Over the years Oak Island has kind of become an legend and it really feels like every treasure in the world is buried there.  Alas this is not true, let's get into the mystery of Oak Island.  Oak Island, which is privately owned, has a deep pit which is nicknamed the money pit.  The truth is, who knows what is down there.

Where Did it Begin?

The story goes that back in 1795 three guys found a circular opening in the ground with a pulley near by.  These guys though hey, someone probably buried something really cool down there.  Yup, that's it.  All the speculation came from three guys wandering around an island.  They grabbed some shovels and started digging.  While digging they did find stuff, logs every so many feet down.  They eventually gave up.

The Legend Continues

People love a good story, especially when treasure is involved.  For over 220 years treasure hunters have tried to discover the treasure of Oak Island.  It has inspired many people and companies to try.  Even a History Channel show called "The Curse of Oak Island." documents one of the greatest treasure mysteries.  Many Geologists say the pit is actually a sink hole and they pit has nothing to do with treasure.  Well after so many years who knows?

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