Hot Air Balloon Drift


Mountain Views

You’re going higher up in the sky. You see gorgeous mountain views, green and orange and yellow. You hear the air and feel the heat as you rise up. When you look up, you see happy colors and an enormous balloon.

 Hot Air Balloon

The thrill of the hot air balloon has never died. Ever since the invention of the hot air balloon and its first successful flight in the 1700s, hot air balloons have been symbols of both technology and wonder. Hot air balloons were also used in spy and reconnaissance missions throughout the Civil War. Most weapons in the 1860s couldn’t reach the hot air balloon as it could rise higher when needed, so it was a good way to get a bird’s eye view from the safety of the sky. 

Nowadays, hot air balloons are also a thing of beauty and nostalgia. Social media outlets are rife with breathtaking views of hundreds of colorful hot air balloons rising up at once in Cappadocia, Turkey. Long retired from war, hot air balloons are primarily recreational and have become popular tourist attractions around the world.

Hot air balloons represent the imagination, what we could reach if we tried hard enough, rising up above it all, and above all, adventure.

 Blue Ridge Mountains

The misty Blue Ridge Mountains are one of the most stunning spots you could go on a hot air balloon ride all year round, but especially in the fall. Whether you have stepped in the basket already or one day wish to embark on an unforgettable flight, this painting will take you there.

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