Odin, The Viking King of the Norse Gods

Odin, The Viking King of the Norse Gods

Who is Odin? Norse God of the Vikings

When it comes to Vikings, Odin will always be the first name associated with it. People nowadays may not have any idea who Odin is, but from the world of mythology, he is a famous Viking god. Odin rules the Aesir, which is composed of gods in the Norse lore. In the mythology, he was known to take a big part in the formation and devastation of the world. He is also not only a Viking god but also as the god of wisdom, battle, poetry and magic. Odin’s name means frenzy, which describes his whole being.


Odin, Father of the Viking Gods

Odin, a Viking and Norse god is known to be the father of all gods. Called as the All-Father, Norse god Odin comes with 36 different names in order to disguise himself whenever he is traveling where normal people are living. In order to disguise himself, he wears a long hat, green coat and a mask for him not to be recognized by everyone. Moreover, gods may have all the might and power which makes them above others but they still serve Odin, who is known to be the king of all the gods.

Discovering Wisdom

Being a Norse god takes a tremendous about of knowledge and skill, that is what Odin has in spades. He was able to acquire great knowledge when he drank from the fountain Mimir that is known to be the place where you can obtain supreme knowledge. However, drinking from the fountain was never been an easy task because he needs to sacrifice in order to drink from the fountain. Odin sacrificed his one eye as Mimir has asked for. Then, he was known to be one-eyed and his other eye is at the bottom of a fountain, where Mimir stays. Because of the supreme knowledge he was able to receive from Mimir, he was able to outsmart even giants. He was also considered as the smartest god amongst the Viking gods.

Odin is not just a wise Viking god, but he is also the most powerful wizard when Mimir died. He obtained the head of Mimir to summon it in order to get the secrets and utilized the head whenever he is seeking  advice when it comes to urgent situations.

Norse God Family

The day Wednesday comes from Odin’s old English name, which is Woden. He is married to the guardian of marriage, Freya. In the world of mythology, Odin has lasted until the world destructed and, together with his young brothers, they defeated Ymir, a giant and used its bones, flesh, and blood to create the universe. He divided the world into three - the heavens, middle world, and the underworld. He also created the very first man and woman through the ash and elm trees.


Odin the Viking god is also said to be the father of Balder and Thor who is the god of thunder. He ruled the gods in Valhalla and his kingdom in Asgard. Being the god of war, he sees the god’s battle with each other and the fallen ones were brought by Valkyries to Valhalla.  Odin also prepares them for Ragnarok who is known to be the final battle of the gods, which is the end of the world.

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