Who is Captain Salazar?

Who is Captain Salazar?

The New Pirates of the Caribbean Teaser Trailer

This week we had a little bit of excitement with the new Pirates of the Caribbean teaser trailer being released.  With all the superhero and Star Wars movies, I kind of forgot about Jack Sparrow and company.  The trailer is more of a clip then a typical trailer.  Check out the video below if you haven't seen it.


Captain Salazar, the Man of Mystery

Perhaps I should say ghost of mystery rather than man.  Captain Salazar, a ghost captain, is the focus of the teaser trailer.  Jack Sparrow, the face of the franchise is missing from the trailer.  I believe this is a good thing.  It give the movie a bit of mystery.  It shows that the movie might be a little more intense like the first Pirates of the Caribbean.

Perhaps Less Sparrow is a Good Thing

Jack Sparrow took over the franchise from the first movie into the other 3 movies.  By the last few movie Sparrow almost became a parody of himself.  With Deep's last few movies not having his usual box office punch maybe it is better that we are reminded of the adventure Pirates brings.  Maybe this Jack-less trailer will have us yearning for more Sparrow.

A Real Captain Salazar?

After watching the Pirates of the Caribbean movie trailer I started to wonder if there really was a Captain Salazar.  The name sounded familiar.  But, it was really Balthazar not Salazar.  I checked out some of my Spanish history, there was really no well known captain Salazar.  The one I discovered was a Salazar who was an official under Cortez.  So there is no historic Captain Salazar that the movie takes inspiration from.  

The Name Salazar

Salazar is a name that comes from the Northern part of Spain. In the synopsis of Dead Men Tell No Tales, it seems that Salazar is out to rid the world of Pirates.  Since the Spaniards were always dealing with pirates trying to take their gold, this would make sense.  Whatever the story, it seems adventure awaits.

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