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Art with a Vision

We need to embrace life.  When we just sit around and let other people dictate how we live our lives, we have failed and are not really living.  Instead we need to find out what we really want and do it.  That is the philosophy of our art.  Art needs to stand for something; art needs to have meaning to you.  Art is not simply about filling up wall space.  The canvas that we buy and hang on our walls remind us of adventure, life, mysteries, culture and desires.  So many people choose art just to match the color in a room and who cares what the meaning behind the painting is.  If this is what you want, a placeholder for the mediocre, then you may be in the wrong place.  If you seek more out of life, then you are at the right art site.

Our art has been influenced by the ancients, the masters and the contemporary.  The artwork tells stories and create narratives for you to witness and tell guest in your home.  The canvas prints show you are driven by adventure and you are in control of your life.  You are a person who does your best and want to show it in your everyday lives.  

Our philosophy has always been: our friends and family grow with us. When you purchase one of our products, you become part of our family. You grow with us. The countless hours of toiling, creating, spilling our very souls into the products we make become a part of you. A part of your identity. And that's been our goal from day one: For our passion to be a part of yours. 

No matter what you do, Live your life. Adventure Awaits.


William DePaula

Artist William DePaula

William DePaula is an artist from Irish, German, Spanish and Cuban stock, and has been residing in the Florida Keys.  From his early childhood onward, he has never stopped drawing, painting and creating. He envisions a world in which beauty is as important as function, where culture and history are respected, and where nature is at once powerful and vulnerable. Infusing an essence of life in all his paintings, DePaula understands beauty is accessible to all. DePaula's art has been featured in select art museums around the world.