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William DePaula Fine Art

Portrait of Momotaro Fine Art Canvas

Portrait of Momotaro Fine Art Canvas

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Momotaro is an old well known Japanese legend. Momotaro is the story of a boy who was born out of a peach to an elderly woman who always wanted a child. The Peach Boy would grow up and befriend a dog, monkey and pheasant. Together they would rid the land of oni or ogres. Momotaro is associated with the Japanese city of Okayama.

The legend of Momotaro is a unique color painting that is filled with references the hero's journey. The portrait shows Momotaro staring into the distance with his trusty comrades at his side. a pheasant, monkey and dog. In the distance we see a peach the fruit of which Momotaro was born from. On Momotaro's clothing you see a pattern of flowers. These flowers are peach blossoms. Looking to add a little flair to your room or office? Look no further - this canvas print has a vivid, fade-resistant print that you're bound to fall in love with.

• Fade-resistant
• 20.5 mil thick poly-cotton blend canvas
• Hand-stretched over solid wood stretcher bars
• Matte finish coating

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Height (inches) 18
Width (inches) 24
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